Playing with Pixlr

Playing with Pixlr


Tweet, Tweet, Tweet :)

I am now on Twitter. 🙂 @joyfulteacher4

I love twitter. It is comforting to know that whatever I want to say has to be expressed in less than 140 characters.

I am looking forward to getting and sharing ideas with others. 😀

Teaching 5th Grade in Virginia :D

If you teach in the state of Virginia…

okay…I actually don’t have anything quirky to say, but you are probably familiar with the VDOE website. 🙂

Fifth graders in Virginia take 5 Standards of Learning (SOL) tests!!!

With all of these tests, poor History/Social Studies sometimes gets overlooked.

One of my goals this year is to incorporate all the History/Social Studies standards into other subjects.

Come back later this summer to see how I am going to use Geocaching to help me with this endeavor. 🙂

Hint: I will be integrating math, writing, technology, and social studies


I love FREE stuff! 🙂 So…this blog caught my eye…Free Technology for Teachers.

This blog is filled with tons of free technology resources you can use in your classroom!

For example, Scholastic provides a website called Study Jams. It provides great videos for students to review different math and science topics, such as fractions, the scientific method, and word problems.

After watching these videos students might have a desire to make their own. 🙂 They can! For free! Through

Make sure to check out this blog!

How do you give reluctant students a voice?

All students are individuals and learn and express themselves in different ways.

If you have been in the classroom, whether as a student or a teacher, you know that there are some students (like me) that cannot stop participating and some students that will only participate if there is no other choice.

In the article “Giving Reluctant Students a Voice” they suggest using blogs to allow students that normally do not participate in classroom discussions to still have a voice. Using a blog allows students that need more time to process information and/or just don’t like to talk in front of a large group an outlet to share their valuable knowledge and opinions.

Another bonus with using blogs in the classroom is that you can get insights and have conversations with people around the world without leaving your classroom.

What are some ways you use blogs? What are some ways you give your reluctant students a voice?



Creating Video Games, Technology Enhanced Scavenger Hunts, Oh My!

“Probably the most important thing for kids growing up today is the love of embracing change. In a world of rapid change, the need to memorize something is a 20th-Century skill. The need to navigate in a buzz of confusion and to figure out how to trust the information you find, if you can feel confident doing that, the world is yours.” John Seely Brown

 Dr. Brown (aka JSB not to confused with GSP 🙂 ) nicely summed up what is involved in  effective 21st-Century teaching. We now have a plethora amount of information at our finger tips. Students need to know how to discern what is reliable and what is not and how to apply this information.

In the Digital Media * New Learners of the 21st Century video they share a couple of different ways to incorporate technology into your classroom. I absolutely love the idea of incorporating video games and digital scavenger hunts into the classroom. Not only are they using technology, but they are using it in a way that requires students to work collaboratively, use higher level thinking, and problem solve.